Mariellen Ward

Storyteller. Online.


Mariellen Ward: Copywriter, editor, social media and content specialist

Mariellen Ward is a Toronto-based freelance copywriter, editor, social media and content specialist and blogger who specializes in telling stories online. People like to read stories, no matter what the medium. Mariellen creates and supplies stories for magazines, brochures, blogs,  websites, Tweets, articles, newsletters and books.

Mariellen uses stories to effectively achieve designated communications goals for her clients and in her own writing. She will ensure that the message is accurately conveyed and the communications goal met.

Download PDF Resume here.

Content and social media in action

Mariellen is a content and social media specialist. She understands that stories are the heart of content. And it is the quality and relevance of your stories — your content –  that will mean more readers, more clients, more business, more profit.

Here are examples of Mariellen’s work as an online storyteller in the last year or so:

- Song of India: Tales of travel and transformation : book author

- WIND Mobile website : writer and content manager

- Advisor’s Edge Magazine : feature writer

BreatheDreamGo : travel blogger

- Social Media : promoter of BreatheDreamGo on various social media platforms including